Cannes awards best responsible ads

Posted: June 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

"Certain things hang on forever" by McCannon Erickson

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A few days after the most glamorous yearly appointment with the cinema in France, Cannes took the stage again by devoting an event to award the best responsible advertising campaigns in the “Cannes ACT Tribute” during the one week ACT Responsible Expo 2010.

During the Expo as much as 400 campaigns on social and environmental issues have been offered to the public in recognition of the astonishing job many ad agencies are carrying out – sometimes pro-bono – to give a voice to public and citizens concerns and call for action on hot causes such as climate changes, minors abuse, HIV diffusion, etc.

8 campaigns have won the praise of the public visiting the Expo that directly voted for the best candidates: among the different categories, the most voted campaign was “Certain things hang on forever” (above) by the Italian branch of the McCann Erickson agency. Also, the “favorite print campaign”, the “favorite film campaign” and the “favorite free card campaign” found their representatives.

Social campaigns exploiting the powerfulness of advertising to gain visibility and stimulate people’s awareness are dramatically increasing and achieving an important role in the PR industry: at the same time, relatively unknown communication agencies drafting campaigns for international bodies and NGOs are gaining the spotlight and growing fast. An outstanding example is Droga5, an Australian agency that achieved international acknowledgement with its innovative marketing solution for UNICEF, the Tap Project 2008, which lately got the free support of many other PR agencies.

Events such as “Cannes ACT Tribute” organized by the non-for-profit Swiss organization ACT Responsible can have an important role to play in order to incentive public recognition of agencies promoting advertising as a positive contribution to society and boost more many to do so.


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