Obama: from “yes we can” to “a kick in the ass”

Posted: June 26, 2010 in Uncategorized

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One of the many interviews released by President Barack Obama on the Mexican Gulf disaster has shown us a different man and a new approach to the issue. After all, it’s not so common to hear a chief of state wondering whose ass to kick, even if the situation is tremendous.  So, what a big leap from the great schlep to persuade Jewish granpas to vote for him..

But why Barak Obama’s communication is changed so much?

First of all, we have to recognize that the exceptional situation caused by the oil spill, with 9 million oil barrels still wasted every day in the sea, generated a huge ecological and economical crisis that is not affecting only BP reputation but also the President’s.  Barak Obama has been harshly blamed for his soft touch with BP managers and is currently considered, be it right or wrong, accountable for the disaster.

The crisis context doesn’t concern so much his role in the broader picture but his presumed lack of anger, his composure and even coldness coping with a situation perceived as dramatically dangerous. That’s why in front of the nth interviewer’s doubt whether it wasn’t high time to change his behavior and “kick some butt”, Barak Obama forgets the optimistic attitude that characterized his campaign and takes a tougher stance in the attempt to persuade the US electorate that he too is angry and wants to go deeper through the responsibility ladder. Did it work?

Some suggest this is an unwinnable game because it’s too late (and pretty useless) and any new attempt could be just seen as a bowing down before criticizers. It seems that for once communication is not enough to fix the thing. What people possibly expect is Obama to find a long-term solution to revitalize the ecological and economical niches affected, a sure path towards normality and stricter rules for risky business, maybe a leap towards the final shift to green energy.


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